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Power BI Timeline
We Develop Power BI Custom Visuals

  Timeline version 1.0.4 pbiviz

Beautiful and Flexible Single-Axis Timeline

Timeline is a custom Power BI visual developed by our Queryon team and published to Microsoft's AppSource.

Help your users with visuals that highlight key data in a beautiful timeline. Customize your labels color, font, size and position to help organize data into visually pleasing graphics. Support your time data without data restrictions and download an iCalendar (ICS) file to integrate with your Outlook. For larger data sets, horizontal and vertical scrolling is available.

Use Timeline to visualize project milestones, key events, and project finish times. Mark important dates such as holidays and birthdays and share your downloadable iCalendar with the staff. Create your timelines using various styles include line, bar, waterfall, and kaban style layouts.

PBI on Tab is powered by Queryon,
a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner in Data Platforms.

Standford Project Milestones,
Kaban Style with Extended Layout

Lunar Phases,
Bar Style

Make It Possible

PBI on Tap empowers organizations to make anything possible with their data. As an award-winning and nationally recognized team of consultants and developers, we help companies systematically manage all their corporate data so your databases, reports, and infrastructure work together as one.

Make Data Simple: We leverage Power BI to enable you to have extreme clarity on your data and get answers immediately.

Diverse Data Points: Bring together a wide array of data points and have them work together as one.

Transform Data Into Action: Understand what your data tells you and know what you need to act on.

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