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A Product at Every Stage of Your Power BI Development

PBI on Tap can assist you at every step of the way, whether you need to install and deploy a new Power BI system for your organization, or simply need help with the routine day-to-day data refresh, maintenance and operations.

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PBI Now - Power BI Startup Packages

A Turnkey Approach to Setting Up & Deploying New Power BI Systems for your Organization
If you are new to Power BI and currently do not have the software within your organization, PBI on Tap offers a hassle-free, fixed-fee PBI Now Package, which includes:

- A complete installation, setup and deployment of the Power BI software.
- Power BI PRO licenses for 1 year.
- A collaborative session to understand your Power BI needs and objectives.
- Designing, building and publishing your first Power BI report, with up to 10 standard visuals.
- Providing orientation and training on how to use your first Power BI report.
- Free consultations to strategize your next steps, tailored to your objectives.

Select Your Power BI Deployment Size

Up to 50 Users
Over 50 Users

On Tap Platform - Unlimited Tasks Monthly Plans

The PBI On Tap Platform is a subscription-based service that allows you to leverage the expertise from Power BI specialists to address any of your Power BI needs, from simple tasks (such as refreshing a PBI report every week) to more involved solutions (such as setting up, designing and implementing brand new customized reports, optimizing data structures and workflows). Those complex scopes are implemented through Mini-Projects or Projects, depending on the level of effort required. The STARTER, PARTNER, PRO and ENTERPRISE packages include a limited number of Mini-Projects, however, our PBI experts are available to address any additional project needs you may have.

The PBI Studio gives you access to the Projects, Mini-Projects and Co-Pilot programs. Proactive report monitoring is included in the subscription.

Contact us $145
60 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Unlimited number of tasks -
Number of active tasks at a time 1 1 2 4 -
Number of Mini-Projects included per year at no cost - 1 2 4 -
Access to Projects or Mini-Projects
Access to Co-Pilot Program
Proactive Power BI report & dashboard monitoring, with regular checking of report functionality
Dedicated point of contact
Best suited for: Trying out the
on-tap Power BI delivery model
A company starting out with a small portfolio of approx.
5 PBI reports
Medium size
portfolio of approx.
10 PBI reports
Large portfolio of
PBI reports, requiring fast paced support
PRO Package scaled up to meet the needs of your company Report monitoring with access to Co-Pilot & Projects programs

On Tap Projects & Mini-Projects

(Exclusively Accessible via the On Tap Platform)

Gain Access to our Power BI Experts to Further Develop & Optimize your Report Portfolio
Free, no-obligation estimates provided to On Tap Platform Subscribers
While the monthly subscription packages are an excellent way to handle routine tasks, the On Tap Platform also gives you access to our Power BI experts to address complex scope of work under the Projects and Mini-Projects' umbrella. We can build brand new Power BI reports, optimize your report data structures, or incorporate data validation processes. In addition, because every company's needs are different, we can design from the ground up, highly customized Power BI visuals that don't already exist in the library.

On Tap Project Examples

Create One-of-a-Kind
Custom Power BI Visuals

Power BI Dashboards

Build New
Power BI Reports

Add & Configure Complex Power BI Visuals

Projects vs Mini-Projects

Less than 20 hours
More than 20 hours

*Must have an active On Tap Platform subscription in order to access the Projects & Mini-Projects

Co-Pilot Program

(Exclusively Accessible via the On Tap Platform)

Instantly Augment your Team with a
Power BI Expert Co-Pilot
The Co-Pilot program is the easiest and fastest way to gain expertise in Power BI by embedding a highly experienced resource directly within your team. The program also generates the fastest results due to team synergies.

Co-Pilots are booked on a day rate, allowing you to increase or decrease the workload throughout the work week, in full day increments. Adding to the program flexibility, you can cancel at any time, which represents an excellent alternative to hiring a full time direct employee while unsure about long term staffing needs.

The Co-Pilot program is best suited for fast tracked, short term assignments where a Power BI expert is temporarily needed.

During the pandemic, Co-Pilots will collaborate exclusively via teleconference.

*Must have an active On Tap Platform subscription in order to access the Co-Pilot program