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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: What is PBI on Tap?

PBI on Tap is a subscription-based service that allows you to leverage the expertise from Power BI specialists to address any of your Power BI needs, from simple tasks (such as refreshing a PBI report every week) to more involved solutions (such as setting up, designing and implementing brand new customized reports, optimizing data structures and workflows).

PBI on Tap is staffed by Queryon, a Microsoft Gold Partner.


Q: What are the benefits of using PBI on Tap?

The PBI on Tap model offers the following key benefits:

– Augment your staff: Use our PBI on Tap specialists to perform routine tasks such as recurring report updates, troubleshooting an issue or doing minor modifications to an existing report. This will free up valuable time for your staff to work on more business critical functions.

– Cost savings: A monthly subscription, even with the PRO package, is more cost effective than hiring a full-time employee.

– Get access Power BI design & strategic expertise: Our specialists are highly competent in the setup and design of Power BI reports, as well as the strategic aspects of managing Power BI portfolios and data structures.

– Report monitoring: Included in the subscription packages is a recurring monitoring of your Power BI reports to ensure that they are running optimally without compatibility issues.

– Remain within your budget with the flat rate monthly subscriptions.

– Flexible: Cancel at any time.


Q: I don’t have the Power BI software, how do I get started?

You can get started with the PBI Now package which includes the following:

– A complete installation, setup and deployment of the Power BI software.

– A collaborative session to understand your Power BI needs and objectives.

– Designing, building and publishing your first Power BI report, with up to 10 standard visuals.

– Providing orientation and training on how to use your first Power BI report.

– Free consultations to strategize your next steps, tailored to your objectives.

– Package includes the software license fees from Microsoft, valid for one year. Package excludes subsequent renewal fees.

The PBI on Tap team will lead you at every step of the way, from start to finish, on how to get started with Power BI and how to create PBI reports.


Q: I need help with adding a new Power BI visual to my report. How should I proceed?

The STARTER, PARTNER, PRO and ENTERPRISE packages include a number of Mini-Projects.  You can use the allowance to add new Power BI visuals, provided that they are standard visuals available in the Microsoft library.

If you need additional visuals beyond your allowance, please coordinate with your assigned PBI on Tap specialist who will provide a free estimate, without any obligations.


If a visual does not currently exist in the library, we can custom design it from the ground up.  PBI on Tap is staffed by Queryon, a Microsoft Gold Partner. Queryon provides customized PBI visuals in the Microsoft library.


Q: I have a monthly subscription, but once in a while, I need help with something that is more involved than just a task. How can I get that scope completed?

If the scope is complex, it can not be treated as a task under the monthly subscription packages. For example, adding a new visual to an existing report or creating a whole new report are not considered tasks. Your PBI On Tap specialist will coordinate with you to provide a free estimate to complete the scope. 

If you sign up for the PRO package, you will have the liberty to get 1 new visual added to your report every month, provided that the visual is available in the library. If not used during the month, the allocation can not be accumulated for use in subsequent months.


Q: The monthly subscriptions are task oriented. What is a task?

Tasks are actions of low complexity that only require a single person to complete. For example, the most common task is to refresh a Power BI report every month or every week, or to perform minor modifications to an existing visual (adding a column or a field), or to help you troubleshoot a data connection. 


Q: With the PRO package, I can have 4 active tasks at a time. Can I submit more than 4 tasks at a time?

Yes, like all monthly subscriptions, an unlimited number of tasks can be submitted. However, with the PRO package, we can only address 4 tasks simultaneously. If you submit 10 tasks, the first 4 will be addressed and the next 6 will simply be waiting in the queue until a task is complete. The remaining tasks will be worked on automatically until the backlog is completely cleared out.


Q: Can I cancel my 3-month trial after the first month or do I have to commit for the entire duration?

You can cancel any of the subscriptions at any time, even during the trial period. The 3-month trial gives you the opportunity to experience the PBI on Tap model at a reduced price with the STARTER package. You can upgrade to a higher tier package (PARTNER, PRO or ENTERPRISE) at any time during the trial period.


Q: What are the main benefits of the Co-Pilot Program?

The Co-Pilot program is best suited when you need expertise developing a brand new Power BI visual, report, portfolio or dashboard. Co-Pilots can help you from start to finish, including setting up data connections, optimizing data structures, designing Power BI reports that meet your needs, solving complex Power BI challenges and providing training. Once the scope of the Co-Pilot is done, you may elect to have the recurring report updates handled via the monthly subscription packages.

The monthly subscription packages are task oriented and applicable to existing Power BI reports, while Co-Pilots provide design and strategic expertise, as well as assistance with solving complex problems. Monthly subscriptions and the Co-Pilot program are complementary.


Q: How long can I utilize the Co-Pilot Program? Is there a minimum or maximum duration?

PBI on Tap prides in providing quality services to help organizations flourish in the Power BI space. We cater to your needs, and as such, you can have a highly skilled Co-Pilot for as long as you require. Our partnership could be 1 day or several years, depending on how much effort you would like to invest in Power BI.


Q: Our company has limited funds available to get started with Power BI. What solutions can you offer?

Setting up and Developing Power BI systems can represent a sizable investment. However, we believe that the investment will positively benefit your company. Upon approval, we offer the option to spread the development costs over 12 to 24 months and combine the payments with a monthly subscription. Please contact us at hello@pbiontap.com to learn more about this program.