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Annotated Bar

We Develop Power BI Custom Visuals

  Annotated Bar version 1.0.6 pbiviz

Informative and Flexible Bar Charts

Annotated Bar is a custom Power BI visual developed by our Queryon team and published to Microsoft's AppSource.

This custom visual combines bar chart functionality with customizable labels. Help your users focus on key data in a bar chart. Customize your label color, font, size and position of the bar. Users can drill down by clicking on labels or the bar itself.

Bar styles include Stacked, Side-by-Side (Clustered), and Overlapping (a.k.a. Bar in a Bar). Overlapping bars help visualize the comparison between two things when one is inherently a part of the other, such as a project budget versus expenditures to date.

Select from multiple bar styles to facilitate data comparisons.

Use the Annotated Bar to display a simple timeline.

Make It Possible

As experts in PowerBI, we’re able to bring clarity to multiple datasets and visualize an organization’s most complex situations. We provide business intelligence that increases organizational productivity, stops the bleeding of unnecessary expenses, and modify existing systems so clients aren’t left with a handful of good ideas, but unable to implement them.

Make Data Simple: We leverage Power BI to enable you to have extreme clarity on your data and get answers immediately.

Diverse Data Points: Bring together a wide array of data points and have them work together as one.

Transform Data Into Action: Understand what your data tells you and know what you need to act on.

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